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About this project

The idea for this project grew out of a multitude of conversations along the New Jersey Turnpike. As doctoral students at Rutgers University, we used the time in our cars, each traveling in a different direction, first to get to know each other, then to discuss classwork, and finally to hash out our dissertations. By the time we were each ready to defend our dissertation,  we could have easily described and probably defended one another’s work. 


These conversations allowed us to not only come to a better understanding of our own educational journey, but to also talk through and about several issues we saw facing both higher and secondary education. Flash forward as we both adjusted to education in a pandemic. We began to discuss what educators need to be successful in the current new normal. We recognized that while teachers know their content and how to plan for a brick and mortar institution, they do not have all the necessary skills to move their classrooms into a hybrid or fully virtual classroom. Hence, we developed the infographics available on this site. We hope you find these helpful. Remember, as educators we can tackle many problems by being willing to have conversations with others in our profession.

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